What Is A CVS?

What is a Council for Voluntary Service

A Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) is a small local charity that operates within a set region of the country usually covering a single town or city. CVS's are "the place at which local voluntary and community organisations speak to each other". They offer a wide variety of services and support for local organisations, for example training, funding advice, group development, support and much, much more.

CVS's tend also to be involved in advocacy for the groups and organisations they represent. A CVS will assist in communication between the local voluntary and community sector and the statutory sector. Typically Councils for Voluntary Service provide forums for organisations to meet and will regularly interact with, or have a seat on, the local strategic partnership. They may also advocate on behalf of the organisations they represent on a one to one basis.

BPRCVS incorporates the local Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Volunteer Centre, but not all CVS's incorporate their local volunteer centre.

BPRCVS and other CVS's are brought together nationally by the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action.

Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services is an infrastructure organisation that is now over 80 years old. Having been around for so long we are the primary organisation for all things related to providing the local community with support and development. With age comes experience. There’s nobody more experienced than BPRCVS in East Lancashire. 

We exist to develop, deliver, support and promote voluntary action, charitable activity and local community development throughout the regions of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale as well as the wider East Lancashire region.

BPRCVS is a committed, dedicated, professional organisation with staff that are passionate about helping others. We live by our motto: Helping people to help others.

Over the years we have built long-standing relationships and partnerships to ensure we can deliver on our promises. We are always on the lookout for new relationships and partnerships that can be built upon to enable the organisation to stay at the top of the charity, community and voluntary sector.

BPRCVS over the years has helped many charities, local community groups and organisations to develop and grow in order to provide a better quality service to the people they cater for.

We are both a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee which ensures that we have systems in place to ensure proper accountability regarding both charity and company law.  Membership is open to all organisations and individuals who support the aims and objectives of BPRCVS.  We also benefit from the membership of regional and national organisations which provide networking, training and advice facilities.