BPRCVS customer and client testimonials

Why take our word for it?

Have a look at the testimonials below for an unedited, unbiased account of BPRCVS and its services. We think that you will be very impressed with what our customers, clients, members and trustees have to say about us.

James Fleming, Burnley GP in response to receiving our Social Prescribing monthly report:

"Thank you very much for sending the case studies in particular, which are after all the reason why we have the programme. It makes me feel much better to read how things are working."

Pendle Family, in response to receiving emergency assistance support:

"We have received  our food parcels and  gift cards for asda. We can not thank you enough, we are overwhelmed  with  the generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Val Thomas, President SI. Pendleside:

"I'd like to thank you on behalf of SI Pendleside for giving up part of your extremely busy day to address us. Our members were most interested to hear of the vital and inspirational service which your organisation and band of volunteers provides.

Thank you also for the use of your Zoom facility. Take care."

Chris Brown, in response to receiving the Social Prescribing Annual Report:

"What a amazing piece of work. So very comprehensive in every conceivable way. The individual stories were heart rendering and with many positive outcomes through SP. Now I understand SP a little more, I for one are totally convinced that SP is a proper non-medical method to help people get their lives back on track from mental issues. Very well done to all you and all volunteer groups, despite Covid."

Jan Langfield, i-cann

"This is excellent info, I will add it to our database and it will be really useful for other clients as well. Thanks so much for following this through."

Client (Anonymous) - Social Prescribing, Burnley

"Following our conversation the other day, can I thank you for the information you gave me. Even going so far as to send me links for estate agents comparisons sites. My confidence has been really boosted since I spoke to you, I have made a plan of action and now feel fully supported as we are going to chat again in another couple of weeks. May I say what a wonderful service this is. I feel so much better after a bad few months in my life. Thanks again for your friendly and constructive support. Looking forward to speaking to you very soon. Thank you. "

Carer (Anonymous) - Social Prescribing, Burnley

After being supported by the Social Prescribing Team: "You get lost in all the information on-line, it's like a dead end that gets you no-where, i don't know how people manage who don't have any one to help. Now I've spoken to you and you've gone through things step by step I feel more positive. You've made it simple, I'm so grateful for your help!"

Gillian Taylor, Harwes Farm

Upon receipt of the BPRCVS National Social Prescribing Day email newsletter: "This is really powerful. Thank you for sharing and here is to another year of successful impact in peoples’ lives!!!"

Mrs G. Hill – Communicars - Burnley Passenger

 “The community cars has made life so much easier for us.”

Tracey, Freeflow Counselling

Tracey from Freeflow came in this morning and told us about a client of hers. When he was finishing his sessions and doing a review about how the counselling went, this client specifically mentioned the Reception Staff at CVS as being “an important part of his recovery.” He said that we created such a welcoming environment when he visited on Tuesdays that it made it a much less difficult experience coming to the building, and that it’s helped to give him newfound confidence in visiting new places and speaking to new people."

Deborah Milliken, Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue

"I would like to  thank you for all your time and help  with our charity application.  It  worked..we are now  a registered charity, we are all thrilled  but  we really couldnt have done it  without your time, effort and advice.

Thankyou so much  from all of us  here at Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue (RRAR) this will make  a massive difference for us to be able to move forward."

Angie Pedley, Settle Area Refugee Support

"The day trip for Pendle New Neighbours was for 19 young people, mostly teenagers, mostly from Syrian families with one Palestinian & one Iranian. They had a great day playing football & frisbee together, using a local playground & some walked by the river & climbed up Castlebergh rock in Settle. There are lots of photos of the day. We posted on Facebook on our page Settle Area Refugee Support if your social media simply want to share posts. The young people obviously enjoyed the day, the helpers from Nelson also enjoyed it & we all thought the volunteer bus driver was great! The aim was to let the young people be young for a day without any of their usual responsibilities & they certainly did that." 

Angela English, Community Connector Volunteer, Rossendale

"Volunteering for CVS Community Connectors in Rossendale gives me a sense of pride and achievement, it gives me a reason to get up in the morning, knowing that I will be helping a client possibly overcome things that I have had to overcome myself. I feel positive knowing that I can pass on my skills. I also feel I'm learning new skills all the time. 

The CVS staff are very supportive and approachable. They have shared their knowledge with me to give me the confidence for me to continue developing over the 2 years that I have been a volunteer."

Jan Livesey, Counselling & Supervision (BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor ), Understanding Autism North West & Client 'X'

"We have a shared client, X X, who I saw yesterday and after discussing with him the impact of the time you have spent with him, I thought some feedback would be appreciated. 

As you will know, X has had a very difficult time in recent years with severe mental health difficilties and being given a diagnosis of autism late in life. You will be pleased to know that your intervention has been an extremely positive one, which has allowed him to break out of the isolation he has suffered for the first time in many years. He is very grateful for this experience and felt that he didn't get the opportunity to convey this to you. Your input helped him on many levels, from getting out of the house to managing to build a relationship and enjoy a decent conversation, all of which have been barriers to him leading a fullfilling life.

Both he and I understand that these things can be time limited (a highly frustrating part of your job and mine!) and X is sad that his time with you has come to an end, especially as he was just beginning to gain some confidence in 'getting out' and being sociable. The benefits of your support for him should not be underestimated, which is why we decided together that I should convey this to you by email. 

Suffice to say, should there be any opportunity in the future for you to offer X any further support, this would be gratefully received and very much appreciated by me too. The funding for his counselling is also time limited, so this will also come to an end soon, and it is of concern to me that he may once again become an isolated individual. If, like us at Understanding Autism North West, you keep a waiting list of individuals who need support, please add X to your list in case there's a chance you could continue with the good work.

Thank you and very best regards."

Jane Riley - Haslingden Community Link, Centre Manager

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help this morning and for the very valuable information. I really appreciate your time and expertise and hope that we can sort something out for the future as we discussed. Thanks again."

Pam Barmby - Tempo Time Credits

"Many thanks for last Friday – it was a lovely event and I hope the volunteers enjoyed it too. Looking forward to catching up with you soon."

Jo Darbyshire - Chair of Lancashire Panel, Queens Award for Voluntary Service

"Thank you for your  warm welcome and hospitality on Friday. What a lovely day with a happy and friendly atmosphere. Everyone was interested in the Queens Award particularly knowing about the clean sweep for Lancashire which Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale achieved in the 2019  Awards. Thank you for the help you give us and congratulations to all at BPRCVS. You all run a great ship. Congratulations."

Kathy - Haslingden & Helmshore Civic Pride 

"Thank you very much for coming over today.  I now know who I am "talking" to via e-mail. I hope we did not take up too much of your time.  It was only on leaving that I realised how long we had kept you there but for us I think the outcome has been very useful. Once again thank you for coming over."

Eric Filbin - Jay Care

"Just a quick e-mail from myself and Paul to say a big thank-you to you and CVS for attending our Open Day yesterday. Everyone that attended and visited the day thought it was an excellent event with plenty of networking between the attendees and plenty of interest from the visitors. Moving forwards if there is ever anything that we can do to help support CVS in the future please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Paul. Thanks once again."


BPRCVS was contacted by a local school to see if we could help a single parent with two children. Badly damaged internal doors were creating a privacy issue affecting the older child in particular. The family managed to obtain new doors, but not the fixtures required for hanging which they didn't know how to do anyway.

BPRCVS arranged for one of our caretakers to hang the doors and we provided the fixtures. Whilst there our caretaker also fixed a dangerous light fitting. The person rang Christine Blythe, BPRCVS Chief Officer, to thank BPRCVS for this help and said "What a difference it has made to the family especially my eldest child who now has some privacy and quiet. An important health and safety issue was also addressed."

Lauren Stirzaker

"Received with thanks! Thanks again for your time, you have been really helpful and I will be in touch soon." 

Michael Fleming - Burnley Community Church

"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all at Gannow Community Center for their help and support in the launch of Burnley community church .We are delighted with the facilities and the support from staff and volunteers.We look forward to our ongoing relationship."

Stephen Sheridan - (photographer)

"I hired Gannow Community Centre to deliver a photographic workshop and it was fantastic, the staff were amazing from my initial booking request to my arrival. I was welcomed and taken through the H&S policies, shown all the available amenities. The equipment I requested and room layout were available and perfectly arranged. In truth I could not have been more pleased with the venue and the staff. It allowed me to deliver my workshop in a structured and efficient manor. Very highly recommended. Thank you to all involved in helping me make it a success."

Scott Brerton - Newground

"I just wanted to say how well our first job club went on Wednesday. The room is absolutely perfect and was set-up excellently. Everything we asked for was there and both my colleague and I and our clients were really impressed with the facilities and how well we were all treated by members of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale CVS staff."

Barbara Ashworth - STIR Group

"Thanks for speaking to us yesterday. I think you have put CVS up a few notches in Rossendale. And even more importantly, we now have a unanimous mandate to go forward with an Older People's Partnership whilst still retaining STIR's unique identity.

Onwards and upwards as they say...."

Sue Roscow - Victoria Park Pavilion Cafe 

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you Tracey for yesterday. I noticed Michelle missed out on thanking YOU! But without you we wouldn't have been there so I wanted to say how much we value your support. Big hugs." 

Guy Jamieson – Little Marsden Parish Centre 

"It was lovely to see you again today and many thanks for your part in making so much possible. It was good to hear the presentations which re-iterated the issues faced by parts of East Lancashire and our shared work to alleviate some of the issues that face us. Lucy and I are delighted that our contribution can continue & hopefully you `ll be able to come and experience some of the work in action. Thank you."

John Tizard - NAVCA

"I very much enjoyed my visit to BPRCVS today. I was impressed by what you are doing and achieving - great example of local VCS infrastructure contributing to community wellbeing, supporting the sector and addressing need."

Lesley Bowden - Age UK Lancashire

"On behalf of the Pendle Dementia Action Alliance Thank You. We received our cheque to support promotion of the Pendle Dementia Hub. You are more than welcome anytime to drop in and see our work. Pendle Dementia Hub held on the last Wednesday of each month 2-4pm at Walton Lane Resource Centre. Pendle Community Dementia Support  Choir starts on Monday 1st October at St Johns Church, Albert Road Colne. 2pm- 3pm. Thank You once again for your invaluable support."

Susan Roberts - Communicars Passenger - Rawtenstall

"I am writing to say a huge thank you for the service you provide. Mum had to give up her driving licence after a stroke and it was a huge blow to her completely independent spirit. Your volunteers have helped our situation enormously, providing mum with an independent means to attend weekly medical appointments and also giving mum the opportunity to meet and get to know your team of friendly drivers. 

For family members with their own working and family lives, the big changes in mum's health has brought many added demands and Communicars has been a lifesaver as we too feel supported in helping to provide for mum.  

Thank you for your cheerfulness, reliability and willingness to help in so many of the details of transport support for mum - just wonderful!"

Roy & Jeanette L. - Communicars Passengers - Haslingden

“Thank you so much for your courteous manner and care you have shown us. Life would have been so much easier if we had known about Communicars earlier. You do a great job and service to the community.”

Joanne & Mark Whiteley - Hard Graft Theatre Company

"We are a professional theatre company who have relocated to the Rossendale Valley. By way of introducing ourselves and sharing our vision for arts and culture in the valley, we were advised by our local councillor to contact Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale CVS. BPRCVS staff met with us on several occasions and gave us excellent advice on how to facilitate and fund our ideas with an excellent business mind and extensive knowledge of grants and funding for projects. Whilst delivering sound advice, they listened carefully to our ideas and suggested avenues we could explore in order to move our ideas forward. We found BPRCVS staff to be friendly, extremely knowledgeable and they even laughed politely at our jokes! Seriously, BPRCVS are worth their weight in gold and are a real attribute to the community, their help is invaluable to us and we really can’t thank them enough."

Ruth Haygarth - Chair - New Neighbours Together

"NNT Asylum and Refugee Support has recently moved into a small office in the CVS centre. I cannot speak too highly of the help and support we have received from everyone we have dealt with. All the staff we meet are friendly, professional and knowledgeable in their own area of expertise and responsibility. Nothing has been too much trouble and we have quickly been able to settle in and get established.

Since we first started up almost 2 years ago our project has always been able to draw on the skilled advice of CVS people and this has helped us enormously to deal with any problems or challenges in the best possible way. We have learned so much through this and we look forward very much to continuing this relationship as we develop and improve our service to the people we serve here in Burnley."

F. Greenhalgh - Communicars Customer - Burnley

“I’ve been using the service for the past 8 or 9 years. I’m nearly blind & struggle to cross the road to get to the bus safely. The drivers are very friendly and offer assistance if I need it. The booking process is easy & very reliable. Communicars has opened the doors to a lot of places for me.”

Mrs Betty Slater - Communicars Customer - Pendle

“Communicars is the best thing that has happened to me. It has been a lifesaver. I don’t know what I would do without the service. I cannot thank the wonderful drivers enough. The service has helped with my depression as I was always stressed about struggling to travel before Communicars came into my life.”

Stuart Collins - Age UK Lancashire

"On a personal note, please could I just say what a pleasure it has been to work with BPRCVS and yourself, very professional and caring, making a big difference to people’s lives.

We have placed several volunteers, signposted from BPRCVS, with older, lonely, isolated, vulnerable people and it has changed both the life of the client and the volunteer, win-win.

So a really big thank you from myself and hope to work with you again in the future."

Tayeba Butt – Brierfield Action In The Community

“Maahira has been a great contact and very helpful with signposting me to relevant organisations and groups. She has also helped with referring women to our projects. We like to keep in regular contact and update each other of our services offering support.

BPRCVS has provided health champion training for me and my colleague, we found it extremely useful and learnt a lot of information and skills we can deliver to our own clients.”

Alan Scholes – Leader – Mount Zion Church

“As a local community group we would like to thank the administrators of the Cliviger Community Benefit Fund and Scottish Power Renewables for their support in this project.

We are very pleased with the final result installed by a local firm, Richmond/Kershaw. The new central heating system will come into its own as the winter months come. It will enable us to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our planned church and community activities.

Thank you for your support.”

Alan Scholes – Chair – Cliviger Village Hall Management Team

“The Village Hall Management Team would like to thank the administrators of the Cliviger Community Benefit Fund and Scottish Power Renewables for their support in this project.

The improvements have made a big difference to the local user groups. We now have a useful safe space for all to enjoy.

Thank you again for your support.”

Anonymous – Client – Care Navigator Project

“The navigator project has been very helpful – when I was feeling very low and had a low mood it felt good to have the navigator support as they were able to support me at a time I wasn’t able to on my own. They told me about different services and activities out there that have been helpful to my health.”

Andy McNicoll – Project Lead – Lancashire Life Skills

“All of us at Lancashire life skills would like to thank CVS for all they’ve done for us from the very start of us opening our company to all that they continue to do for us today. We approached CVS with an idea which they helped make a reality helping us set up the structure of our company providing both financial and practical advice from the very start then helping us to develop and relocate along the way. CVS are still helping us with funding bids and valuable advice and I find their presence in our company not only invaluable but reassuring knowing that we have a friend in the community we can trust and turn to for guidance. Big thanks to Peter Dunn, Tracey Noon and all the team.”

Christine – Founder – Ponies For People

“Ponies for People is a not for profit group set up earlier in the year with guidance and support from BPRCVS, with the intention of finding funding to deliver riding and horsemanship activities to people who would benefit from them.

Thanks to the funding bid training offered by BPRCVS, and their continued support and encouragement Ponies for People were able to secure a grant from the CCG for East Lancs.

The Ponies for Wellbeing programme was funded through the Clinical Commissioning Group for East Lancashire with the remit to offer beneficial services to anyone living with dementia or mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and lack of confidence.”

Sally Stothard – Volunteer – The White Horse Project

“We have worked closely with the team at BPRCVS for some time and have found their help invaluable, I recently joined The White Horse Project as a volunteer, entirely new to the Charity sector and found that BPRCVS, Tracey in particular, very supportive, patient and helpful.  They have worked with helping to identify relevant grants which we have been fortunate enough to be awarded; these have make a big difference to the lives of our young people at The White Horse Project.”

Mrs R. Bryce - Communicars Customer - Burnley

“Communicars is an absolutely wonderful service. I recommend it to everyone who I feel can benefit from the service. Each and every driver I have met so far has been wonderful. I love the chats with the drivers and look forward to them every week. The drivers do make me laugh and are very helpful. Using Communicars means that I can go shopping and get home with my shopping because I can no longer manage my bags on a bus at my age. Communicars has opened up my shopping world. The booking process is very easy and the staff are very friendly and helpful.”

Jackie Flynn – Environment & Community Projects Manager – L.C.C. & SPICE

“I have worked closely with BPRCVS for many years. As Environmental and Community Projects Manager with Lancashire County Council and in the last few months as Rossendale Communities Project Manager with a charity I have worked closely with BPRCVS.

Tracey has really helped me in accessing new Community groups. She has amazing local knowledge that no other local organisation has. She has signposted me to local funding opportunities and events.”

Brian Souter – Founder & Chair – DebtAware

"DebtAware has worked with Gannow Big Local over the course of the last year. We have been training children and teachers in a Financial Education Programme consisting of six lessons. Tracey Noon and the Gannow Big Local have been very supportive of our programme. They have provided us with funds so that all aspects of the programme are free to the Big Local Primary Schools. I would add that Tracey is a superb communicator, she always informs us of all the Big Local activities, is always willing to offer advice and give up time to meet with myself. The Gannow Big Local is an excellent example as to how Big Locals should operate."

M. Tregay - Communicars Customer - Burnley

“I think the service is marvellous. I don’t think I could do without it. The drivers are very, very helpful and friendly.”

Guy Jamieson – Vicar of Nelson Little Marsden

“As the recently appointed Vicar of Nelson Little Marsden I committed myself to ensuring that we were dedicated to the health and well-being of the population as a whole, and so, coming from a musical background and being very aware of the positive impact of music, I looked for some music therapists who might be able to help me realise that commitment. In my parish are two care homes looking after residents with dementia, and as I searched the region`s musical resources I found just the people at Manchester Camerata, a professional orchestral group, who engage in therapy projects in the community, including with those who suffer from dementia.

I was put in touch with BPRCVS and began to piece together an application for funding. I am indebted to staff at BPRCVS for the help they gave me with the application. Their help and ready availability made all the difference as well as the way in which they helped to explain how the application would be presented before the Board.

News of the application`s success was swift in coming and the follow-up; i.e. support in events like a sustainability workshop, helped to keep me moving along with the right kind of questions.

As I write this, the first session of the Music Therapy Project has just been completed and this bit of Nelson is the better for it. “            

Sue Roscow – Co-Director – Victoria Park Pavilion

“Victoria Park Pavilion Café is a lively and unique space that provides a social hub at the heart of our local community here in Nelson in the borough of Pendle. The Café represents the face of the social enterprise which aims to provide activities and events for local people and visitors to the park. 

The immediate local wards are amongst the highest deprived wards in the country and residents subsequently could place health and well-being low on their list of priorities- this ‘issue’ can become a positive way for us to deliver health and well-being messages by simply being there providing a place and a space and an opportunity for more volunteers and families to engage with the ethos of the Pavilion cafe.

BPRCVS has been wholly supportive of our enterprise, especially Tracey, she has a clear understanding of what we are trying to achieve. To know that they are there to help us through any challenging funding questions or to help us to support our volunteers is not only reassuring but lessens any worries we may have where we have a shortfall in experience and knowledge. We know who to talk to if we need help!

It's been an amazing journey so far for our little cafe in the park and BPRCVS and Tracey have been with there with us side by side”

Zoe – Training Officer/Coordinator – Access Ability

“Working in partnership with BPRCVS has been vital for us over the last couple of years due to the rollercoaster ride that the third sector is!

If we are looking for a room in the Burnley area you are our first port of call, due to facilities, location and friendliness of staff and volunteers. Plus other services offered such as grant news, DBS service or even for circulating information through the network of members, the team is always willing to help whichever way they can.”

Marion Anforth – Volunteer – Community Care Navigator Project

“Since joining the Navigator Project as a volunteer in October 2016, my experience has been very positive.

From my initial meeting with Janette Holden at the CVS to discuss volunteering options, voluntary Navigator being one of the options offered, it has been a quick and easy recruitment process. I soon met Amanda Nowell, my very supportive Coordinator at the CVS, who explained what I would be able to do, the induction training and support on offer to volunteers and clients.

The half day Induction, local venue, was really enjoyable and very informative, learning lots about Safeguarding, Befriending and the role of a volunteer. It was great meeting other volunteers there, making new friends who all had a similar interest.

I was able to gain a level 1 Safeguarding qualification through free online learning from the comfort of my home. I have also nearly completed a 5-6 weeks Level 2 Health Champions in the Community course at the CVS Burnley, funded by the Project. Again, friendly people there, including Navigators and others doing support related activities, making further new friends.

I have had the chance to provide one to one support to 2 clients locally to engage in various community based activities, helping them to feel less socially isolated and improve their Wellbeing which is the main aim of the Project. My travel expenses are reimbursed and unavoidable parking costs.

Being able to get involved initially with networking activities, contacting GP surgeries and other organisations, raising awareness of the Project, was very rewarding for me, gaining confidence and useful skills for future employment. I can choose the amount of time I give to the Project to fit in with my other commitments. My Coordinator will ask if I feel comfortable with the clients I am matched with and provide supervision and regular reviews to ensure the client and I are making progress. The clients are only matched with a Navigator they will feel at ease with.”

Cathy Rogers – MS Yoga Therapy

“We applied to BPRCVS for a grant to start our MS Yoga Therapy group; as well as the financial support we have had fantastic practical advice, initially from Tracy Noon and Peter Dunne during the application process, but they also put us in touch with Lisa Sanderson from networking, she is full of fantastic ideas for promoting and supporting our group, we look forward to seeing more people benefitting from yoga therapy with us.  Thank you to everyone involved.“

Andrew Hitchon (Chair) & Philip Green (Walks/Networking) - Claret and Brew

“Claret and Brew is a peer support for men with mental health issues and we are football themed. In interacting with the voluntary sector in what we hope for we follow one of the late great Johan Cryuff's maxims: in a word "quality"

Nobody and no organisation is perfect, as Mr Dyche remarks of his team - "we're not the finished article."

But as regards our experience of BPRCVS' services we at Claret and Blue, we certainly can't complain!

1) Centre Management

Fair do’s we have to give this a perfect 10. The Server Room provides a cosy and congenial setting for us to relax and chat at our Tuesday afternoon Brew n' Banter meetings. Later this year the Server Room is due for refurbishment - talk about continuous improvement! More groups should hire this excellent meeting venue.

2) Support, Outreach and Development

Without Peter and Tracey we wouldn't have even known of CCG grants. This support and Tracey's busy emailing has spurred us to try to innovate and be more responsive. Her emails keep us in the know about what's going on, including events and training. We have enjoyed a wide range of stimulating and very worthwhile training since September through the Centre.”

Gordon Salthouse – Smith Sutcliffe Solicitors

“I have been receiving your informative emails over a period of years, both when you were in your previous job and in your current role. 

Being Chair of two local charities and in my day Job at Smith Sutcliffe Solicitors, I find all to be very informative and in many cases I have used the information to our best advantage.

Keep up the good work!”

Reverend Guy Jamieson – Nelson Little Marsden Parish Centre

“The information which comes direct from BPRCVS is displayed on a number of Information Boards across the Nelson Little Marsden Parish Centre. There are a dozen groups who use the Centre every week and all have access to the news, services and opportunities made possible by BPRCVS. Keep it up!”

Diane Lloyd – Falls Prevention Technician – East Lancashire Hospitals Trust

“I just want to say a massive THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am on your distribution list of emails and I wanted to let you know that I find them more than useful.

Today alone I have made 2 new contacts and I haven’t even moved from my desk!!!!

Thank you and keep them coming.”

Hannah Hutchinson – Lord Street School

“I would just like to thank you so much for the funding. It has been great to sit and reflect upon all the work and progress that has been made with our project. So a huge thanks you to you and your wonderful service.

It will be great if your service will be able to come and see for yourself the wonderful work that has been completed. We shall send an invite to our project launch day.”

Nurture Staff – Fishermore High School

"The young carers service is a brilliant service, providing support to young carers who may get overlooked because people’s ideas of young carers is that of a physical disability role. The support offered is needed and brilliant and the added extra of befriending service and family support is excellent."

Mrs J Cormack - Communicars Customer - Bacup, Rossendale

“I have been using Communicars for over 10 years. I don’t drive and started using the service in order to be able to visit my husband. I also use Communicars for shopping and visiting friends. Communicars is an excellent community car service that has made a huge difference in my life. Without Communicars I would have to rely on taxis. The volunteer drivers are very helpful and help bring my shopping in. The Communicars booking process is very easy and staff are very helpful.  The pricing is more than fair – I often feel I should give more than what is asked for. I have recommended Communicars to family and friends and happily do so whenever the opportunity arises.”

Maurice Lomax - Communicars Volunteer Driver - Bacup, Rossendale

“I have been a Communicars driver for about 10 years now. I moved with my wife to Bacup from down south upon retirement. Sadly just 8 months after moving to Bacup my wife passed away. Becoming a volunteer driver for Communicars gave me a purpose. Being new to Bacup at the time the passengers helped me to get to know the surrounding area. I give my time, passengers give me an education. I drive great people and enjoy the varied conversations with passengers. I consistently get fantastic feedback from passengers about how much they love and appreciate the Communicars service.”

Tracy Bullock - Volunteer Navigator - Community Care Navigator Project

"I thoroughly enjoy my role of community care navigator. We use the well-being club and have found it very welcoming. I have already seen a fantastic change in my client who can’t wait to attend next week. I am gaining experience as a volunteer to support my university degree and I feel that what the clients gain from the service is immeasurable."

Rachel Greenwood - East Lancs Into Employment - Training and Support Manager

"BPRCVS have provided some superb training courses, hosted some very informative meetings at which we were made very welcome and provided excellent support and feedback on funding bids. BPRCVS have been a source of information and signposting that has helped ELE and its clients for many years."

Sue Hogg - Alzheimers Society - Dementia Advisor

"I am happy to go on record as saying how helpful the e-bulletin is, and your wonderful information service/emails. These are really useful in keeping me informed as to developments in the sector, and I pass information on to both clients and colleagues on a regular basis, as well as encouraging them to sign up themselves to receive information directly."

Sharon Lees - T.E.A.M.R.I.S.E. Project - Project Manager

"I have had the opportunity to work with BPRCVS on several occasions over the last few years, in particular their help with the CCG grants has been invaluable and has resulted in T.E.A.M R.I.S.E being awarded funding on 2 separate occasions. The professional and friendly manner in which the staff conduct their business is always reassuring and I  know that I can always call on them with any questions or if I need help.

Tracey Noon and Christine Blythe have been outstanding and given me reassurance and the confidence to apply for funding and to help me form our own Community Interest Company, a prospect I found overwhelming, but with their help we are now in a strong position for the future, myself and everyone at T.E.A.M R.I.S.E cannot thank them enough."

Tracey McMahon - SHE Project - Partnership and New Business Manager

"SHE Project Ltd is a resident group of BPRCVS and has benefited from two years of support as a small organisation. In October 2016, SHE Project was supported by Tracey Noon to receive a Social Prescribing seed funding grant from East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group offering mutual aid to residents of Burnley and Pendle."

Beverley Ford - Sir John Thursby Community College - Extended Services Manager

"Since losing the majority of my funding to budget cuts, I am please to say that with the help I have received from BPRCVS, many young people within the local community have been able to take part in various workshops themed around obesity, healthy eating, healthy lifestyles, emotional health and wellbeing. Without this help it would not have been possible to pass on all of this valuable information to our local young people.

A massive thank you to the team for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you! I look forward to working with you again in the very near future."

Simon Monks - Bootstrap Enterprises - Age of Employment Opportunity Advisor

"I would just like to say that your help is greatly appreciated by Joe and I as we continue to try to raise awareness of the Age of Opportunity Programme. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of the groups and projects in the locality and your friendly and helpful approach to sharing what you know has helped us a great deal. Keep up the good work!"

Yvonne Skellern-Foster - East Lancashire Hospital's Trust - Falls Team Partnership and Steady On! Project Lead

"The information and updates we receive form the CVS are really very useful, it allows our ELHT NHS falls and STEADY Teams to keep up to date with what’s going on in our communities from an holistic perspective  -  we are then able  to share this with our Clients opportunistically, making every contact count, basically  helping us to do own  job thoroughly. Great, really useful thanks and please KEEP IT COMING!’’