Burnley Case Study- June 2019



Client R. was referred into CVS on the Connector Programme from Lancashire Wellbeing Service. R would like help and support in connecting with the community. R suffers with memory issues and gets frustrated by not being able to access groups independently due to her memory issues. R feels isolated at times and would like the opportunity to attend groups with support.



During the initial assessment R was clearly and visibly upset and explained how she longed for someone just to come round and give her some company as she spends all her time at home. It was clear R was lonely and felt isolated and wanted to get out and start taking part in group’s activities and start to socialise. R also explained that her husband is in a care home and doesn’t get to see him much and misses him. R wanted to access a group close to her husband’s care home. Goals were set and agreed.


Actions Taken

Agreed with R to attend a group activity which is close to the care home her husband is in. R is currently taking part in one activity a week which she is really enjoying and has begun to start talking to others in the group. She then goes and sees her husband after the session which makes her very happy. Due to her memory loss R is reminded on the day about the planned activity which she feels helps her with remembering.

R has also stated that she needs the support during the session as she tends to forget what she is doing and having a familiar face present reassures her.


Client comment

“I want to thank you for helping me get out of the house and doing something I enjoy where I can then go and see my husband”