Pendle Case Study-May 2019


 This client was referred by Lancashire Wellbeing Service. He has recovered from substance misuse but still struggles with his mental health. He has high anxiety, especially social anxiety. He has slowly started going back to groups and is regularly going to the Good Life Project, but he can only go to places that he can walk to.



 He would like support to get back on the bus and use public transport, so that he can take part in social activities further afield.


Actions taken

 The Connector arranged to meet him at Nelson Bus Station and accompanied him on the bus to Colne, and then returned to Nelson with him.



 Although the client was anxious on the bus, he felt fine after the journey. He noted that early afternoon was a good time, as the bus wasn’t busy. He thought that the one journey had given him enough confidence to do the same bus journey again, and when this was followed up, he has used the bus a few times.

 He wants to go to Burnley on the bus on his own, and has already been with a friend to support him. He feels that this will help him to make the longer bus journey.


Client comments

 “I was really grateful that the Connector went on the bus with me, and this planted a seed in my head that, given a bit of time, I will be fine to do any journey I want.”