Burnley Case Study - May 2019



Client J. was referred into CVS for support for low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, very low mood and no motivation, in December 2018. With support over the months J. has attended BFC in the Community and accessed the courses that were being offered and used the IT facilities available for her college work. These she tackled with enthusiasm and dedication. She also was assessed for and used the food- bank facilities for a number of weeks. She was referred to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Women’s Centre for further help and support.



J. took advice and our support in assisting her to get help with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to help her sort her finances out. The client was doing well and positively moving forward. On April 30th 2019, a final support session visit was arranged to close the client down due, to the excellent progress she had made. However, due to failing a college assessment, the client became very low in mood again and confessed to struggling and had started to self-harm with suicidal thoughts.


Actions Taken

It was felt an inappropriate time to close the client down, instead, further support was offered to help her through this hard time. CVS organisational safeguarding procedures were followed and J was further supported with text message support.

With this support, J. again has moved forward and started looking at volunteering and applying for jobs, as she said this will help her to keep focused. At a meeting with the client on the 29th May 2019, she was very upbeat, happy with a new positive outlook. J. has come far and is a very independent bright young lady who tackles every task head-on and actively getting involved with any support offered.

On the down side, J. had concerns for when her case is closed-down and the support stops. J. asked if the Connector working with her was her friend or was she just a client. Explaining the boundaries and safeguarding issues around befriending clients J. reluctantly listened and understood, but felt like she had been “cut-off”. Tears showed how upset she was, stating every one she gets close to leaves her.