Rossendale Case Study - April 2019


Client referred herself to Community Connectors. The referral stated that she was having difficulties with the symptoms and the coping strategies of having Clinical depression and Hyperthyroidism. She explained that she had lived in the area for two years and was struggling to find friends and meaningful activities.  She identified that her ultimate goal would be to return to work and would be happy to find some volunteer work.


At the initial assessment, it was explained that she would like some support in finding out about activities for her son to attend, as well as herself and also activities that they could do as a family.

She identified that she would like to take part in some physical activity that would be fun and also allowed her to interact with others.

She explained that she was aware of a community centre in her local area and asked if she could have some support to connect with the community groups that are held there.

Action Taken

Support was given to visit the local community centre and for her to find out about how she could become more active ‘within and for’ her local community. Client was invited to attend groups and meeting.

Support was given to attend an exercise class at the Sports Centre; the support was given for 5 continuous weeks until the client felt confident to attend alone. An action plan was agreed together for her to achieve this.

Local groups were identified for her son to attend and she was informed of ‘fun days’ and activities to take part in as a family.


Client now takes part in several exercise classes and has made some friends in the process. She now plays an active part in her local community and is a volunteer for the community forum. She has also applied for some volunteer work

Client Comments

"I have found staff to be very approachable and sensitive and mindful of my needs. Communication was very good and person centred. It helped me continue at the hula hoop classes and I have even got the T shirt!"

"It has helped build my confidence and help me think positively towards the future."