Burnley Case Study - March 2019


The client is a 34 year old female, who was referred by Lancashire Wellbeing Service.  The client is currently pregnant at the time of the referral. The client has had to flee her previous home and the relationship is not continuing. The client has only controlled and limited access to her other children. She was in very low mood and really lacking in confidence.

The client initially took some time to build confidence in trusting the Connector due to her circumstances. The client was slightly distant when engaging in the initial assessment and was quite uncomfortable for her.

The client had had to quickly move into some accommodation on her own with very little in the way of furniture and or basic belongings.


During the initial assessment the client explained that she is having to establish a new life outside caring for her children, as she had previously spent all her time at home with the children.

The client needed help with obtaining basic cooking utensils and some items of necessity for the impending arrival of a new baby. She did need to get her income allowances sorted out quickly. The client had very little money and had an urgent need to access a food-bank for additional support.

Actions Taken

Time was spent talking to the client and arranging to try and sort out her immediate needs first and then to think about the type of activities for her out in the wider community.


The client was signposted to the Women’s Centre for financial help. The client was helped to enrol attend the Victim Abuse course at a local community centre. The client was taken to a local foodbank and supported through an assessment. She received 10 weeks of foodbank support and a large quantity of cooking pots, pans and crockery. She also received a number of practical items for when the baby is born.

The client initially spent time with the Connector talking and was taken on local short walks and also for coffee to build up a rapport.

The client is now in the process of socialising more with a number of visits to two local community centres where she has been made very welcome.

The client is now attending a sewing group run in a local facility.

The client has attended a gardening support group.

The client continues to attend a victim abuse awareness course.

Client Comment

The client has said she now trusts the Connector and that through working with the Connector she has gained in confidence and is more aware of what is available locally.