Pendle Case Study - March 2019


 Client was referred by Pendle integrated therapy team, as she can only leave the house with the assistance of her husband, who also has his own health issues. Client was reported to be feeling low and frustrated, as nothing was moving forward with investigations into her condition.



 On visiting the client, she was very tearful and the situation was obviously causing both her and her husband a lot of anxiety. She has multiple health conditions and said she suffers from severe pain, which stops her from sleeping. She also reports having falls. She manages around the house with her husband’s help, but he has recently suffered with a bout of ill health, which has made them both feel frightened about what will happen if he is unable to support her.

 She told me that the therapy team are unable to make adaptions to the property, so she can get out independently. They are willing to move house, but fear it will take a long time to secure an alternative Together housing property.


 Actions taken

 I referred the client to Age UK, with a view to getting a pendant alarm and key safe. I also suggested with the client that they could do a benefits check, to make sure they are getting all the benefits they are entitled to and also look into their home help service.

 I then referred her into the Integrated Neighbourhood Team, to try to get things moving with investigations into health issues and pain management and a possible Social Services assessment for support.



 I contacted the client two weeks later and she seemed much brighter. She said that someone had been with a pendant alarm the day before, which gave them piece of mind when her husband went out. She said that she felt that things were finally starting to progress. She said


‘It’s all since you came to see me, you’ve made things happen’