Social Prescribing Team


What Is Social Prescribing?

Social Prescribing helps patients with emotional, social and practical needs access a range of local, non-medical and non-clinical services, often provided by the community and voluntary sector. Services include, but are not limited to, local community support groups, bereavement support, financial support, exercise groups, social groups and one-to-one peer mentoring.

The BPRCVS Social Prescribing Team aims to reduce pressures on doctors’ surgeries and hospitals by creating reductions in referrals to GPs for those suffering from anxiety, depression, low confidence, low self-esteem and other social, emotional and practical needs. 

We match vulnerable and socially isolated people, who have been identified by GPs and other health and social care professionals, with a Social Prescribing Link Worker to improve confidence, inclusion, independence, and ultimately your health and wellbeing.



What Can Social Prescribing Do For Me?

The BPRCVS Social Prescribing programme supports the people of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale. The graphic above demonstrates just some of the areas in which social prescribing can help. 

Read The NHS 'What is Social Prescribing' PDF Here.   




What Does The Social Prescribing Team Do?

The BPRCVS Social Prescribing Team consists of a number of Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLW) assigned to each of the 2 Primary Care Networks (PCN) across the localities of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale. 

Every client of social prescribing can expect:

  • A Social Prescribing Link Worker spending time with you and undertaking a short assessment to determine your needs and to establish how we can help
  • A plan of action to deliver a course of support
  • You will be offered support and access to activities, events and local community-based services 
  • To improve your health and wellbeing through non-medical sources of support
  • To be kept informed of what’s going on in your community
  • A Link Worker signposting you to appropriate support for your needs or circumstances
  • A lasting positive impact on your wellbeing
  • An alternative to visiting your GP
  • A reduced need to visit your GP and rely on NHS services
  • The same Link Worker to remain assigned to you throughout your support
  • Where suitable to be linked with a volunteer who will assist with your support plan


How Do I Refer?

We accept referrals from GP’s, health practitioners and social workers. 

We also accept self-referrals from individuals or their family. 

Visit the referral page for more information on the process and to download a referral form


Social Prescribing Volunteers

Volunteers are an important part of delivering social prescribing in the communities of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale. We have a volunteer recruitment programme for social prescribing called Back On Track.

If you'd like to know more about what a social prescribing volunteer does and how to apply to become a volunteer in your local community please visit the Back On Track page.

Case Studies

To showcase the importance and value of social prescribing, BPRCVS publishes a number of case studies every month.

Social prescribing case studies are real stories from real people. Each case explains a client's situation and circumstances and how the Social Prescribing Team was able to help and support the client to overcome their issues, improve their health and wellbeing, and have a positive impact upon the quality of their life.

Read the case studies to see the impact upon people in our communities.


Social Prescribing Reports

BPRCVS publishes a monthly team report detailing the number of referrals received, how many cases have been closed, and other key statistics of the programme. The reports also contain a sample of the respective month's case studies.

You can read the most recent report, and past editions, on our reports page.


Social Prescribing Grants

BPRCVS, appointed by East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group (ELCCG), administers a grant fund on behalf of ELCCG. 

Community groups and voluntary organisations can apply for grant funding to help deliver a project in their community which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of local residents.

Visit our grants page for more information and to apply for a grant.


The BPRCVS Social Prescribing programme is funded by East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group.