Professional payroll service at Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale CVS 

Let BPRCVS take on the stress and complications of your payroll. Our dedicated payroll team are vastly experienced and committed to helping our member groups become more effective and efficient in their payroll operations.

Payroll can be stressful, complicated, time consuming and difficult to perform if you’re unfamiliar with the typical payroll processes. It’s not the easiest to do even when you’re familiar with typical payroll processes. That’s why the majority of large businesses outsource their payroll to specialist companies. Why should you be any different?

Here at BPRCVS we know and understand the difficulties local community groups, charities and voluntary organisations face when dealing with payroll. That’s why we offer a professional payroll service to help out the BPRCVS member groups. 

Professional, affordable payroll from as little as £8.00 per payslip per month.


What the BPRCVS Payroll Service can do for you

  • Calculates the PAYE for your employees
  • Produce accurate and detailed printed payslips
  • Detail all payments and deductions Calculate PAYE for your employees
  • Administer statutory deductions and attachment of earnings e.g. Child Support Allowance, Student Loan Repayments and Council Tax
  • Produce reports you’re required to keep by law
  • Calculate your remittance figures for HMRC
  • Prepare and submit the Full Payment Submission and Employment Payment Summary on your behalf
  • Produce completed computerised P60’s for your employees at year end
  • Produce P45’s for any employees leaving your organisation
  • Help you to understand the process involved in becoming registered with HMRC
  • Give advice and assistance on any issues regarding the payment of employees


Benefits of the BPRCVS Payroll Service

  • Secure, reliable, year round payroll service
  • Cost effective
  • No set up fees
  • No fees for starters or leavers during the year
  • No year-end fees
  • No hidden charges
  • A dedicated payroll manager for every client
  • Registered as an Agent with HMRC
  • Able to file a variety of PAYE forms and returns
  • Receive HMRC notifications over the internet
  • Information and software used is regularly updated in line with legislation, budget changes and other payroll related issues affecting employers
  • Committed to the development of good practice in employment law

Affordable payroll service in Burnley 

How does the Payroll Service work?

Your dedicated Payroll Account Manager will process your payroll on a month-by-month basis. We are unable to provide weekly, bi-weekly or four weekly payroll services.

BPRCVS offer our clients the opportunity to provide their payroll information to their payroll account manager via email or post.

As a HMRC Agent the BPRCVS Payroll Service receives all notifications through an online HMRC portal. For example this means that when you update HMRC about a statutory deduction for an employee the BPRCVS Payroll Service automatically receives these notifications. This reduces your workload as you won’t need to contact us to inform of changes.

Your Payroll Account Manager will calculate your payroll for each individual employee and ready the payslips on your behalf to enable you to make timely payments of wages and salaries. The only responsibility you would have is the actual payments to your employees and remittance payments to HMRC.

All payslips are sent to you by post so that you can record any information you require before sending the payslips to your employees.

The Payroll Service calculates deductions, but cannot process your employee’s expenses. We do implement auto-enrolment and pensions payments on your behalf.


Contact the Payroll Service

For more information or enquiries about your requirements please do not hesitate to contact Wendy on 01282 433740 Ext. 1009 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will gladly assist you.