DBS Checks

BPRCVS performs DBS checks on behalf of community and voluntary organisations.

Local community groups and charities often deal with young people and vulnerable adults. Groups and charities often require paid staff and volunteers to help with their project and deliver on its objectives. To ensure the safety of the young children and vulnerable adults all staff and volunteers should be DBS checked before being allowed to work for your group or charity.


What is a DBS check?

DBS stands for Disclosure and Barring Service and has replaced the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. A DBS check helps employers, community groups and charities make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people working with vulnerable groups, including children. 


How do DBS checks work?

Individuals can’t request DBS checks on themselves. It must be the organisation, community group or charity that requests the DBS check on the person they are intending to appoint or employ.

BPRCVS will provide the employer with an application form from DBS which they will give to the individual for whom the DBS check is to be completed. The individual completes the form and submits it along with valid documentation to prove their identity.

After submitting the application if all is well the DBS will issue the individual with a certificate to prove their suitability for working with children and vulnerable adults. An employer has to ask to see the certificate before allowing them to start work.


Who do BPRCVS do DBS checks for?

As a registered DBS umbrella body BPRCVS specialises in providing no hassle DBS checks for volunteers and DBS checks for charities, community and faith organisations. We do not perform DBS checks for the private and public sectors. Only members of BPRCVS are entitled to DBS checks through BPRCVS.


How much does a DBS check cost?

DBS Enhanced checks for paid staff cost £44.00 plus an additional £14.00 admin surcharge per application.

DBS Enhanced checks for volunteers are free, but the £14.00 admin surcharge still applies per application.


 Contact the DBS team

If you would like to DBS check your staff and/or volunteers or have any questions regarding DBS checks please call Michelle Graham on 01282 433740 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and she will be happy to assist.