Gannow Going Forward

Staff developments at Gannow Community Centre

Due to the successful application of funding for the next 3 years from Big Lottery Reaching Communities we can now provide employment opportunities in our Gannow Community Centre. The £200,000 in funding is helping us to introduce jobs in Gannow and contribute more towards the area's economic value.

We have just finished running a recruitment campaign for two positions; a community centre coordinator and a caretaker/cleaner. We're also looking into the recruitment of an apprentice, of which Themis are working on for us.

The centre coordinator will be responsible for the effective and efficient day-to-day running of the centre by engaging with local residents, community groups and agencies. The centre coordinator will also aim to identify and develop opportunities for developing the use of the building by bringing more activities and events into the Gannow area through the community centre.

The caretaker/cleaner will ensure that the building is always in perfect condition for visitors of the centre to be able to use it.

Having the centre staffed will make a huge difference to the centre and to it's residents as we should now have the opportunity to really maximise the centre and get the most out of it for the Gannow people, but also those from further afield.

Thanks to the Lancashire Environment Fund, we are now able to replace the boiler in Gannow Community Centre with 3 high efficiency boilers. The work is expected to begin in early June. This is an excellent opportunity to turn Gannow Community Centre into an even more environmentally friendly centre as part of our corporate and social responsibility to protect the environment.

Watch this space for more updates.