Warming A Wintry Wednesday

A soup-er start to a new free event at Gannow Community Centre

Wednesday 17th January 2018 saw the very first BPRCVS Winter Warmer take place at Gannow Community Centre.

The Winter Warmer is a totally free event that's open to everyone and takes place every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm.

Winter Warmer Winter Warmer

It was a cold and very wintry Wednesday this week with plenty of snow and frost around. 12 people came to the very first Winter Warmer to relax and warm themselves up in the comfy lounge with a free bowl of soup and complimentary bread roll. How soup-er is that?!

Winter Warmer

Many thanks to the BPRCVS staff and volunteers who served the guests with free soup and complimentary bread along with free teas and coffees with biscuits too!

The lounge in heart of the community centre is a relaxing and comfortable place to be. We have a large screen TV mounted on the wall for your viewing pleasure. Bring the book your reading or catch up on the latest news with your favourite paper. Come with family and friends - there's plenty of space for everyone. Play pool and even join in with one of the groups that's taking place after the Winter Warmer closes.

Winter Warmer

The Winter Warmer will be running until the end of March 2018 so come on down to the centre and get your free soup and bread roll to warm yourself up during these chilly winter months. And the best thing is that's is completely 100% free for everyone. The Winter Warmer is both disabled and child friendly.

If you want to come on down next week, but struggle to access transport why not give a Communicars a call to arrange some transport. Contact Sue on 01282 412096.