Developments At The Centre

Gannow Big Local funding is allowing great new improvements to Gannow Community Centre

Shortly the tress are to be removed as they have become infested with ash die back disease and these will be replaced in the spring with lower trees such as crab apple, cherry blossom and other bird attracting species, but the height of the trees will be limited in time to under twelve foot.

Once this work is complete the next stage is to have new fencing and security around the centre using local companies.

We have already had slates replaced and gutters cleaned plus the TV aerial fixed.

Inside the centre two large holes/cracks have been fixed on the upstairs roof and repairs to the plaster on the walls and in the snooker room have also been completed.

Starting in January the whole centre is going to have its lighting replaced with LED lights which will save on utility bills thus making the centre more cost efficient.

These developments were possible because of Gannow Big Local funding.