We Help Everyone & Anyone!

A special visitor to the centre

We had a special visitor to Gannow Community Centre on Friday, 16th August 2019...  Theo the dog was lost and decided to pay us a visit for some help.

Theo wandered up to the Centre early in the morning, looking frightened and bedraggled from the wet weather. Jason, BPRCVS Caretaker, said "He is a friendly dog, he let me look at his collar and we found out where he lived."

Unfortunately the telephone number on the collar was no longer working so Jason and Alex, BPRCVS Apprentice, took Theo home. Sadly his family weren’t at home though a neighbour recognised him.

Jason and Alex took Theo back to the Centre where Tracey, Volunteer Kitchen Assistant, thought Theo looked hungry so cooked him a couple of sausages which he wolfed!

Howard Eccles, trustee of BPRCVS, who attends the Centre to help engage with residents (and to have the (almost) world famous Gannow Breakfast) each Friday morning, ended up dog-sitting Theo for a couple of hours until the Dog Warden kindly picked him up to take him to a safe space. Howard said, "He was such a lovely dog with a friendly personality."

One of the residents of Gannow offered to take him home should his owners not be found.

It just goes to show that BPRCVS doesn’t just help people, we help everyone and anyone, regardless of species!