Changes To Snooker Room

New services coming soon

After much soul searching trying to find people wanting to play snooker a difficult decision was made to dispose of the snooker table which has been taken up by a local voluntary group.

It was decided we should mark the loss of the snooker table with a special plaque for two founder members of the snooker group who sadly have passed away Bob Bond and Derek Thornton, this will forever remain on the door.

This means we now have a “new room.” We already have had interest from a holistic wellbeing group who are starting their first session in December 2018 with the view to a regular booking. Further usage is under consideration including dividing the room for private consultations and therapies, but in the meantime it can be used as an extra meeting room.

To book a room at Gannow Community Centre please contact our reception team on 01282 433740. If you would like to arrange a visit around the centre to see if it's what you're looking for, although we're sure it is, please call Alan Barnes on 01282 436396.