Improving The Centre Continues

The work to make Gannow Community Centre better is ongoing

BPRCVS applied to the Lancashire Environmental Fund in order to improve Gannow Community Centre's heating facilities.

£5,644 was awarded to BPRCVS to carry out work on the boiler and heating system.

We've had a brand new boiler fitted along with a destratification fan (a fan that blows the warm air down). This will improve the centre's heating by quite a substantial margin while also improving the energy efficiency of the centre.

We know it's boiling hot outside and heating is the last thing people are thinking of, but we're getting the jump on winter this year. Especially after the freezing few months we had this past winter!

Gannow is getting greener all the time! BPRCVS is committed to operating as energy efficient a centre as possible and we will strive to make continued improvements that have a positive effect upon the environment.