Coronavirus Response Feedback

Here are some of the responses we've received from clients we've helped in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale during the Coronavirus outbreak.

02/04/20 - Reply to a BT tweet tagging BPRCVS about first week response: "That's fantastic. What an achievement."

03/04/20 - Client's comments about a BPRCVS volunteer: “The service is absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for any more. I have a dog walker who comes 3 times a week and takes my dog on a one hour walk each time. She is amazing, she has bought her own lead and even brings her own dog bags. The client couldn’t say enough about how great Burnley Together and her CVS dog walker volunteer are.”

06/04/20 - Client received a single bed so she could sleep downstairs as she was afraid of falling, client said she was , “Delighted” and “Extremely thankful.”

06/04/20 - Replies to a tweet about Rossendale response: "You are doing amazing things!!!!!"   &   "Amazing well done to all involved- in such adversity this is something fantastic."

07/04/20 - Prescription dropped off for a client - client emailed to thank us for getting the medication and dropping it off. The client said "A very nice man had dropped this off. We would like to thank the organisation for your help as it has made a huge difference to us."

08/04/20 - Phone call from a client to let us know how they got on - “You gave me the Spar number and number for the butchers and it was all perfect, exactly what we needed.”

08/04/20 - Shopping dropped off to a client – client said "Thank you so much for helping, without people like you we would be extremely stuck. I really appreciate the help."

09/04/20 - Reply to another’s tweet tagging BPRCVS: "A great sense of community spirit in these hard times!!"

11/04/20 - When a volunteer dropped a prescription off to a client he was profusely thankful and said it was his lifeline.

13/04/20 - From a client who is being supported by a volunteer from CVS with her shopping. She said that "Pat is wonderful and it’s a fantastic service that you are offering, both me and my husband are extremely grateful."

14/04/20 - From a client's daughter who lives at the other side of the country and asked if we could help support her mother with a mobile phone problem so they could stay connected: “Thanks so much for your email. We are thinking of getting the phone sent down to us, replacing the battery here and posting it back to her. Might need your help to take it to the post office? Thanks for your offer of help, it’s much appreciated.  Keep safe. If it’s ok I might come back to you if we need your help with other technical stuff!”

15/04/20 - From a client who received a prescription from a BPRCVS volunteer: "That is brilliant thank you so much for this. You are a star." 

16/04/20 - When contacting a client to find out how her volunteer befriender calls were going she said,  “She (her volunteer befriender) lifts my spirits.”

16/04/20 - From a client referred to BPRCVS by Pendle INT. We referred to NCM foodbank for regular support and helped him with financial difficulties/benefits: "Thank you so much, the support I have received from people has been amazing and means so much. It makes me tearful talking about it."
17/04/20 - We made a phone call this morning which was very intense as a lady was being threatened by her neighbours. She told us everything that had been going on and wanted to end her life. After speaking to her for 15mins we managed to calm her down and make her laugh and she finished the conversation by saying: “You have made my day, thank you sweetheart for hearing me out and not judging me.”
17/04/20 - "You probably don’t need me to say this but all your team and army of volunteers have been fantastic helping the borough through this pandemic. The can do attitude is a credit to both your organisation and an asset to this borough. I know there’s a long way to go but I felt the importance of thanking you and your dedicated team during these difficult times. Undoubtedly, we shall experience challenges in the coming weeks but we shall get through them together. All the best and stay safe. Best wishes, Lukman Patel, Chief Operating Officer, Management Team, Burnley Borough Council.
17/04/20 -  Upon sorting out a washing machine for a client: "It's just arrived. I'm in tears, can't believe how fast you helped with this. I'm so overwhelmed by the kindness you have shown me. Honestly, thank you for everything. There's no words for how much I appreciate everything you have done for me."
21/04/20 - From a client who has been supported with amongst other things, a claim for Universal Credit: ”Thank you for all your help, very much appreciated you’re at the end of the phone, that’s amazing.”

22/04/20 - From a client's daughter who asked us to support her mother with a prescription collection: "That’s brilliant! Please pass on our thanks to the volunteer. Take care.”

23/04/20 - From a client who has had help with food parcels. “Thank you for being there at the end of a phone. I can talk to you as you are not judgemental. You are so easy to talk to.” 

24/04/20 - From a client supported by a Social Prescribing Team Link Worker. "I know a lot of work goes on in the background and you have been so helpful already. You have done so much for me thank you, I do appreciate it."

26/04/20 - From a client receiving regular calls from Social Prescribing linkworker: "I’m so grateful for you keeping in touch with me, it’s nice to talk to someone and know I’ve someone to get in touch with if I need anything. I’d like to meet you one day, when this is all over."
28/04/20 - From a client receiving dog walking support. "I’m so pleased with how it’s going, the volunteer is lovely and it’s working really well. Thank you so much."
28/04/20 - A client who struggles with mental health said of the volunteer who is currently making regular 'welfare check calls,' "I look forward to the calls, they help motivate me and help me to feel better, I can’t say thank you enough, he’s very kind."
29/04/20 - Tweet from Radio Lancashire: From delivering meals to walking your dog - the @BPRCVS is one of many organisations in #Lancashire that's here to help you. They've taken on loads of volunteers and supported hundreds of people.
29/04/20 - From a BPRCVS volunteer helping during the #COVID19 crisis: “Well done to all our volunteers...Keep up the good work...Hope to see you all soon.”
29/04/20 - From a local resident responding to our work: “Well done BPR CVS. X”
29/04/20 - From Lancashire Women's Centres after we shared some of their content on our website and Facebook page: “Thanks for sharing!”
29/04/20 - From a local resident supported by BPRCVS: “Well done Carol and your team.”
30/04/20 - From a Burnley client who took delivery of 2 CVS £15 shopping bags (one for him and one for his brother next door): "If it wasn’t for you I’d have no help – really appreciate it."
30/04/20 - On picking up and dropping off a prescription for a client: “You are an angel, a little sweetheart.”
30/04/20 - A client called wanting a £15 food bag “Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for you I’d have no help, I really appreciate it.”
30/04/20 - On response to seeing a montage video of BPRCVS staff for the #BBCMakeADifference campaign: "This absolutely wonderful I have retweeted it. I have also seen lots of the individual messages that have been posted on Facebook they are excellent too. Congratulations to everyone involved! Stay safe."
30/04/20 - From a STEP colleague who had a client supported by a Social Prescribing Link Worker. He said, “Vicky’s been amazing! My client was really down. Vicky talked to her and managed to sort a prescription for her – she really went above and beyond, and it made a massive difference to my client; her mood is totally different. So I just want to say thank you.”

A selection of comments from Rossendale clients we've helped during April 2020:

"Thank you for getting the prescription for me and my family, it’s hard enough with the added worry of staying in, but you have put my mind at rest. I will remember your lovely smile."

"I can’t say thank you enough for the food parcel, I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning."

"Me and my brother didn’t know who to turn to, you have been very kind. I didn’t think I would get any help. We both can carry on now. Thank you."

"Thank you for taking the time out to speak with me, you showed an interest in my late husband, and helped me laugh at some of the memories we shared. He would have been happy, I think we should meet up when we are able. I would like to say thank you in person."

"Thank you for making me stay safe and feel safe." 

"You have a kind and calming voice, you are a special lady, thank you for your help."

"Rossendale Connected are offering a life saving service, I will remember your kind acts."

"Bringing me some butter means more than you will know. Thank you."

"Knowing that you’re helping my dad with his shopping, helps with the anxiety of me knowing I can't get to him myself. He says you have all been great. Thank you." 

"Thank you for providing me with information on foodbanks, I will share this with my colleagues." 

"Thank you for just understanding that I’m struggling right now." 

A selection of comments from clients benefiting from the Gannow Food Share Programme during April 2020:

"An excellent plus for the Gannow Community, keep up the good work, very much appreciated."

"Lovely place and friendly people always there to help."

“What a fantastic job you are doing, especially at this hard time”.

“Thank you for all you are doing, you're amazing.” (on 2nd visit to drop off a bag)

"Very grateful and surprised at receiving a great donation."

"Me and my little girls really appreciate the job you are doing, you're all brilliant, so thank you very much."

"Oh my God! Thank you so much - wasn’t expecting to have so much. Really great thank you guys x"

"How great that you should care for others at a time like this. The food bag was great for essentials. It is brilliant to be supported at this terrible time."

Woodbine Garden resident: "We look forward to our weekly free delivery shop, it is so good of you all to think about us."

"It’s brilliant what you are doing. We are really struggling as I am a single parent of 2 children."

"It is so helpful that you are providing this service as I look after 2 elderly people who are housebound and it is saving me the worry of trying to shop for them. I am so grateful that you’re doing this."

"Thank you ever so much, it’s amazing what you’re doing. It’s a lifeline at this time while myself and 4 children are struggling."

"Ribble FM and Ribble Valley Community and Social Support are proud to be working with BPRCVS. Partnerships in the community are vital to ensure we can offer the best support to our residents and frontline staff."

"This is wonderful. Thank you so, so much, I can’t thank you enough. I was so worried about going shopping."

01/05/20 - From a person at the opposite end of the country who emailed regarding an article on our website about cancelling free UK Government food parcels: "Many thanks, that's very helpful."

01/05/20 - Tweet from Burnley Together tagging BPRCVS: "Amazing local partnership work has taken place to deliver @TogetherBurnley. Let’s continue this once this crisis ends."

01/05/20 - From a potential volunteer enquiring to offer her help: "Just a word to commend you on the wonderful work you are doing for the community in this difficult time. Much appreciated!" 

01/05/20 - From a client who has already had a CVS £15 shopping bag and was calling to order another: "Wanted to thank you for the brilliant £15 food parcel; it was excellent and well worth the money. Good service. How often can I order?"

04/05/20 - From a client we helped over the phone, “You’re doing a brilliant job… you are making such a difference in keeping people safe.”

08/05/20 - From a daughter-in-law in reference to shopping support received: “Over the moon with the service and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

09/05/20 - From Home-Start in East Lancashire on Facebook, "Thank you for sharing and for all the great work that you do."

11/05/20 - A resident's comment on Facebook, "Just like to say what good work you are all doing for the community with the food bags a big well done x"

11/05/20 - NAVCA responded to our tweet about our press release and the impact we are having upon communities, "In response to press release tweet: NAVCA members are #NeverMoreNeeded! Great work by @BPRCVS"

12/05/20 - Burnley Together tweet: @BPRCVS have been an important part of what we've achieved. We couldn't have done it without them. We're so pleased to call them a partner (and a friend) and strongly agree that they are #NeverMoreNeeded #Togetherburnley

13/05/20 - NHS Personalised Care tweet: We love hearing the ways that #SocialPrescribing #LinkWorkers & community organisations are making a difference across the country. Thanks to @BPRCVS for sharing their stories. And thanks to Tony Armstrong for telling us how he's adapted to respond to the #Covid 19 situation.

13/05/20 - Replies to a Pendle Borough Council tweet: "Yes, a fantastic team effort with @PendleBC @PendleLeisure @LiberataUK @LancsPolice @LancashireFRS staff and a range of brilliant community organisations @BPRCVS @pendlesams to name but two."   &   "Been heartwarming to see local services and community groups pulling together to support Pendle during this difficult period."   &   "The value of true partnership working."

19/05/20 - A volunteer’s response to the training he’d been asked to complete: “All good stuff and not over complex!”

19/05/20 - A text from a new client who has received a couple of food parcels from BPRCVS: “Thank you to all, the volunteers and delivery guys.”

21/05/20 - A response to the Coronavirus Special Edition Info Share newsletter: "Thank you for this excellent Special Edition. You've worked hard on this and it is impressive."

30/05/20 - An email from Burnley Together: "I have just been speaking to a client during a follow up call and as part of his feedback he wanted to say how amazing the gentleman was who did his shopping, he asked me to pass his message on as he wanted the gentleman to know how much he appreciated his help."

01/06/20 - An email from Burnley Together after following up with a client: "I have just spoken to her and she just wanted to pass on how much she appreciates all you are doing and the volunteers are all amazing and deserve gold medals. Requested that her thanks is passed to all volunteers involved."

02/06/20 - A email from a client about a volunteer who delivered a prescription. "Absolutely fantastic service. The volunteer went above and beyond for me."

05/06/20 - Naveed Ahmad (Burnley Council) in response to the second edition of the Coronavirus Special newsletter, “Just a quick note to say how much I like your update.  A great mix of information and nice stories of what people have been doing weaved in with what support is available. A big thank you.”

23/06/20 - "Loved the Singing in the Rain video! Hidden talents at CVS."