Almost £30,000 Awarded In April

Cliviger Community Benefit Fund continues to make a difference

BPRCVS has administered £29,047.08 of funding in April 2018 as part of the Cliviger Community Benefit Fund.

Projects from this round of funding include, but are not limited to:

Safe Outdoor Space Phase 2 for Cliviger Village Hall

Help to refurbish the automatic winding clock at St John the Divine Church

Internal refurbishments at Mount Zion Church


This funding is continuing to have a positive impact on the community of Cliviger. Without this funding many of the villages buildings would have remained in a state of disrepair, unfit for use, or outdated and not very welcoming to visitors. Projects have taken off that likely wouldn't have without the funding.

The Cliviger Community Benefit Fund will return next year so keep an eye open for news and updates so you don't miss out next time.