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GDPR comes into effect on 25th May and we've made changes to be compliant

BPRCVS Newsletter

If you currently subscribe to the BPRCVS newsletter we will require you to opt in again to continue receiving the newsletter. Please click the image below to open a very simple, quick and easy form to complete. It will take no more than a minute to complete!

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BPRCVS are changing the way we communicate via email. The bi-weekly newsletter is changing to a monthly publication and will contain news and information about BPRCVS only. This will be the only place to get the latest news, information and updates on BPRCVS projects and services, including funding we administer, training we deliver, volunteering opportunities we have across our projects and centres, and much, much more in one easy-to-read publication.

The existing mailing list will be deleted at the start of May 2018 so don't delay, opt in now and stay informed. As of the start of May 2018 any persons or groups who have not opted in to continue receiving the newsletter will no longer receive the BPRCVS newsletter in their inbox.


BPRCVS Info Share

All other information received by BPRCVS from groups, charities and organisations in Burnley, Pendle, Rossendale, Lancashire and beyond will be distributed in a brand new newsletter called BPRCVS Info Share. As of 2nd May 2018 this information will no longer be shared by individual BPRCVS staff through their own mailing lists and contacts databases. The only place to stay fully informed in your inbox about what's happening throughout our communities and beyond is the BPRCVS Info Share newsletter. Opt in now and start receiving a wealth of information about funding, training, volunteering, jobs, sector news, new opportunities, and so much more besides from the groups, charities and organisations based in the North West.

Join the BPRCVS Info Share newsletter mailing list now by clicking on the image above. It will open a short and simple form to complete. Two minutes of your time and that's it your ready to receive the BPRCVS Info Share!