Support Syria

The Syrian refugee families we support have arranged a fundraiser

A number of refugee families who are resident in Lancashire have family in the affected area of Ghouta. This is where the recent bombing took place. They are organising a fundraiser themselves and want people from all communities to attend. They feel that they are not getting to know the different communities of Pendle and this would be the ideal opportunity. The poster has been designed by the families.

Both cohorts in Pendle have come together and organised the fundraiser for this Saturday 10th March. It is short notice, but they want to help and raise funds as soon as possible.

The fundraiser will be hosted by the families and it will begin at 5pm. The venue is Christ Church on Carr Road in Nelson. They would like to invite all the agencies, volunteers and the local community to come and join them.

The £5.00 ticket will cover the food which is all being made and donated by the Syrian families collectively. There will also be homemade Syrian sweets available for purchasing on the day.

Every single penny raised is going to Syria.  We have already received some videos and photos of some of the monies donated going to where its needed. These can be seen at the event on 10th March.

There will be activities available for the children along with mascots.

They would like to hold a raffle and are asking for any donations of items. They are also asking for financial donations where possible. Collections have been arranged at the local mosques which will take place on various Fridays at the different mosques. It's hopeful we might be able to do the same at the churches in the area as they have also become key to the continuous support links that the families have made in the short period of them being in England.

If anyone can help here it will be greatly appreciated.

Please can you share with all your family and friends. All the help will be appreciated.

For more information please contact Saba Iftikhar by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.