BPRCVS Supporting Refugees

The refugees are settling in well

As part of their settlement agreement into the UK, the refugees agreed to take English for Speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) classes three times per week for 2 years. They have all been enthusiastic and are attending their classes regularly. The refugees have settled their children into nurseries and schools.

Most ESOL classes are conducted in the room we have booked at Linkbridge Community Centre, but on occasion we take our learning outside with trips to shops and supermarkets to help them practice their English skills in real-world, real-life situations.


On Wed 22nd November there was an interactive class where one of the students, Ousama, taught the class for approximately 10-15 minutes asking and answering various questions about likes and dislikes, etc. He asked all questions in English and all answers from the other students were in English. They are all doing extremely well and continue to show incentive and motivation to learn.

Recently the class went over to Blackburn to visit the cathedral. Tye purpose of the visit was to learn about the culture and history  of the UK. The trip was well received and the refugees are eager to learn about the new country they now find themselves living in. We are hoping to do more class trips further afield as the Blackburn trip was very successful. It's hopeful we can eventually take them further afield to places such as Preston and Manchester to further help them in learning how to get around on public transport and see what the UK and Lancashire in particular have to offer.