Fill For A Fiver

A jumble sale with a difference!!

Come on down to Gannow Community Centre on Adamson Street, Burnley on Saturday 21st October from 12pm until 4pm for a jumble sale spectacular like no other.

Bring a bag for life and fill it to the brim with clothing and footwear for just £5 per bag.

A full bag of clothes for only a fiver!! Where else can you get that kind of a deal? Even at charity shops you won't get a bag full at that price. All items will be checked prior to the jumble sale to ensure all clothing and footwear is fit for purpose.

Bring as many bags with you as you want. Each one will only cost £5 no matter what items you fill it with. Come and help yourself to bags full of clothing!!

Everybody throughout Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale is welcome to come on down. We'll have live DJ's at the centre playing music on the day and some lovely refreshments too.

All proceeds raised from the jumble sale will be donated by BPRCVS to Pendleside Hospice.