National Social Prescribing Day 2021

A day in the life of a Social Prescribing Link Worker... day starts at 8 a.m.
This morning I had a Social Prescribing clinic at one of the four GP surgeries I am based within. Any patient that is experiencing non medical issues that impact on their Health and Well-being can ask for an appointment to see me. We can offer up to an hours consultation, giving time to explain what matters to you.
I am part of a wider multi-disciplinary team, my first zoom meeting today was with Rossendale Connected. Link Workers played a big role in supporting the shielding and vulnerable residents during the COVID lockdown. Today marked 12 months since the first meeting to ensure the needs of Rossendale Community were being met.
This afternoon started with me meeting a patient for a ‘walk and talk’, in one of our local parks. Many people are struggling with their mental health and isolation.
It continued with a home visit with a lady who is unable to get out and unable to use technology to access online activities. Sometimes link workers are the only contact with the outside world for the individuals with whom we support.
We work closely with community groups, it’s an important part of the Social Prescribing role. Rossendale has a wealth of community groups for all ages and abilities. Part of the role is to Link individuals to groups and activities. Today’s meeting was with Andrew Mullaney, manager at Haslingden Community Link.
My day came to an end after a second zoom meeting between Rossendale Borough Council and BPRCVS.
Tomorrow it will start again, each day is different, each day is very rewarding.