A Letter To My Future Self

Supporting young people on their aspirations and future self

We are doing some work with our young people around aspirations and future self, in a time when life feels quite uncertain for us all. We are asking our young people to write letters to their future self and we are helping them to put together a letter that they can keep.

A letter to my future self …..

Hi, you are 28 now and I am writing this letter to you to tell you that you that you have done what you dreamed about when you were 8 and that was to be a vet. You have also got a dog, you really wanted one when you were younger but you had cats and rabbits.

You have learnt to be kind and always be nice to your friends and family; these are the people most important to you and the people that make you happy. You have always known that these are the things that mean the most to you.

Your mum told you ‘do the things that make you happy’ and I hope you have remembered this as you got older. Sometimes adults forget things like this and how to have fun! You have always loved arts and crafts, because they make you happier. I hope you still do this.

I hope you still play games and have fun, family and friends are what make you happy and you need to remember this. Working hard to be a vet is something you are learning, you love animals. I hope you aren’t sad, sometimes adults can be sad and that was something you never wanted to be, you didn’t want to be hurt or feel sadness like you see in other people. Your advice was always ‘Be Kind, be happy and be nice to friends, family and animals’.

Love ******* (age 8)