Have Your Say On Gannow

Complete the short survey to have your say on the Gannow area

Gannow Big Local have an ongoing process of talking to residents, organisations and services for consultation purposes.  We know that residents get consulted to the point of exhaustion and sometimes it appears nothing happens as a result of consultations made by various bodies.

Gannow Big Local are different – we try to deliver on all suggestions made by residents, services and organisations.  For example, the last consultation exercise undertaken last year by members resulted in the current Gannow Big Local Community Plan and, already, we have implemented lots of suggestions including the following: 

  • Youth Café – to tackle ‘holiday hunger’ and engage children during school holiday times – this will also help to reduce anti social behaviour.
  • Young People’s Engagement contract – to engage young people in their community and help to support them and tackle their issues.  In turn, this will also help to reduce anti social behaviour in the area in addition to the Youth Cafe.
  • Heavily invested in Gannow Community Centre and helped BPRCVS to decorate and update the facilities.  This means that there is now a group delivering a lunch club for people with mental health issues, a women’s exercise class, men’s over 50s exercise class, two kids clubs, an afternoon social club for over 50s, SEN dance sessions, snooker facility, plus much more support groups, classes and training courses and clubs.
  • Encouraged the local Councillors to hold their surgery alongside the Selective Licensing and PACT meetings at the Centre, making the surgery and meetings more accessible for residents.

Future plans include:

  • Enquiries are being made about installing a couple of benches along Sycamore Avenue for older people to rest on when taking their daily stroll…. Watch this space.
  • Speaking with older residents about activities they might like to take part in.
  • Supporting the schools in funding bids for projects that include the whole community.
  • Encouraging more people to get involved in the activities already available at the Centre, at Padiham Road Methodist Church, Life Church and others.

We would be really grateful if you could complete the questionnaire yourself and also pass it on to others in Gannow who you think would like to comment on activities, projects, courses, ideas for the area. If you deliver sessions or run a group in the Centre, Churches or anywhere in the Gannow area, please do ask your members, students, clients, etc to complete a form as well.

As you can see, we do act on suggestions and would welcome comments from all who live, work and play in the area. 

Download the Gannow Big Local Consultation Questionnaire

For more information please contact Tracey Noon, Gannow Big Local’s Outreach Worker:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01282 433740 ext 1007.