Young Carers Winter Update

Find out what the young carers have been up to so far this winter

This week was Young Carers Awareness Day on Thursday 30th January. Each year a thematic is devised and this year the theme is education. We have been encouraging the young carers to think about how schools can support them more. Our young carer’s can often feel unheard and misunderstood within school. They discussed this at great lengths and came up with some thought provoking ideas.


December was a very busy month for the young carers and staff members so we eased the children back into a routine with some fun crafts and games at timeout sessions. The children enjoyed this a lot and we ALL enjoyed eating the cakes!


This month the young carer’s have started art group again. The children loved their first few sessions. This group is aimed at expressing emotions through art and is an on-going project that will end in an exhibition at Gannow. The young carer’s would love to see you all there. Invites to follow so keep an eye out on the website or follow @YoungCarersBPR on Twitter and @youngcarerscontact on Facebook.