Conversation Café

A drop-in café for people with language barriers

The BPRCVS Conversation Café started in September 2019 and throughout the autumn and into winter it has grown from strength to strength.

This drop-in café is open to everyone who would like to participate whether they are struggling with a language barrier or would like to support people in the group.

The group is client led and a confidential safe space. All members are very supportive of each other and each have their own strengths. The group provides a supportive space and is none judgmental about people's abilities, backgrounds and circumstances and all help and encourage each other showing patience. This group is very open and has a very relaxed atmosphere with members often bringing a part of their culture to the group and showing their talents; knitting, food, etc. We talk about challenges and achievements and help with understanding appointments or anything people may be struggling with.

We're open Monday’s and Wednesday’s from 9:30 am 'til 12:00 pm at the BPRCVS Nelson Office, 19 Market Square, Nelson, BB9 7LP.

If you would like more information please call 01282 433740.