Summer Holiday Fun

Having a blast all summer long

During the 6 week summer holiday at Young Carers, the children have enjoyed their 'school-free' time and been on lots of fun activities.


To start off the holidays we did a cooking course courtesy of Burnley FC in the Community at the Community Kitchen, Charter Walk Shopping Centre, Burnley. The young carers really enjoyed cooking. They came away with lots of skills and memories, not to mention all the yummy food! Lots of thanks to Burnley FC in the Community and their staff. It was a wonderful experience and we can’t wait to come back again.


The young carers visited Farnell Land Rover in Nelson. Farnell have supported the Young Carers project over many years now and this experience definitely put a smile on the children’s faces (ok... maybe the staff also). At Farnell the children had the chance to sit in all of the new cars and learn about each model. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch and came away with presents. The group was interviewed and filmed, given a tour around the showroom and a drive in a new range rover. The video of the interviews will be released soon! The young carers really enjoyed their day at Farnell and we are all so very appreciative of the support they give us each year. Thank you Tracey and everyone involved.


This summer the youngsters enjoyed horse riding and Peers Clough Farm. Chris and her team are always so welcoming, which puts the children at ease, making the day so enjoyable for them. They also spent an afternoon at Air Unlimited, an inflatable play zone, where they burnt off some steam and refuelled with a lovely lunch!

Katie Dowd's (Young Carers Activity and Support Sessional Worker) personal favourite trip over the holidays was Critters To You at Thornton Hall Farm. Most of the staff were unsure about this trip, but Katie couldn't work out why! The children loved learning about the creepy crawlies. Some were even brave enough to hold them. A massive achievement we're sure you'll agree!

The summer holidays have been a blast and all the young carers have had chance to get out and enjoy some respite. It’s a great time to come together, enjoy activities, talk and laugh. Young Carers have had a great summer working with NCS, Peers Clough Farm, Coldwell Activity centre and many more! They young carers have one final activity on Tuesday 3rd September, courtesy of Burnley Pendleside Rotary who are taking a group of young carers to Clip and Climb at the Leisure Box.

Thank you to everyone; staff, volunteers and organisations that have all helped make the young carers summer holidays a lot brighter. Especially seeing as we haven't had too much sunshine this summer!

Now to start planning for Christmas.