British Values & Culture

Teaching Syrians about Britain

On Monday 28th January 2019 BPRCVS arranged a special English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) session focusing solely on British values and culture. The session intended to further their knowledge about Britain and the values and culture that they will see and interact with from day to day. 

The Syrian refugees BPRCVS support from Burnley and Nelson attended a special ESOL session held here at The CVS Centre. The session focused on British values and British culture and was taught by the Burnley ESOL tutor, Anjum Anwar.

The Nelson families were transported to The CVS Centre in the BPRCVS minibus.

Also attending the session was Calico caseworker Robert Craig, the Nelson ESOL tutor, Magda Massey from Lancashire County Council, and Allison Lindgren of BPRCVS who works alongside the families in Burnley and supports them to attend ESOL lessons.  

The families enjoyed the special session, had lively discussions, and learned a lot about British culture and traditions. Everyone in attendance was highly engaged and thoroughly showed a willingness to learn about the country they now find themselves living in.