BPRCVS Payroll Bureau

Get ready for the new financial year

Professional, affordable payroll from as little as £8.00 per payslip per month.

It won't be long before the financial year end is upon us. Here at BPRCVS we offer local groups and organisations a payroll service to help take away some of the stresses of running and managing an organisation.

We're currently taking on new clients in the Payroll Buruea ready for the start of the new financial year on April 6th 2019. Why not make 2019-2020's payroll much simpler for yourself by outsourcing what can be a tricky job to BPRCVS? Our vastly experienced payroll professionals will be more than happy to help.

What the BPRCVS Payroll Bureau can do for you

  • Calculate the PAYE for your employees and produce accurate and detailed printed payslips
  • Detail all payments and deductions and administer statutory deductions and attachment of earnings e.g. Child Support Allowance, Student Loan Repayments and Council Tax
  • Produce reports you’re required to keep by law
  • Calculate your remittance figures for HMRC
  • Prepare and submit the Full Payment Submission and Employment Payment Summary on your behalf
  • Produce P45s & P60s
  • Help you to understand the process involved in becoming registered with HMRC
  • Give advice and assistance on any issues regarding the payment of employees 


Benefits of the BPRCVS Payroll Bureau

  • Secure, reliable, cost effective, year round payroll service
  • No set up fees, no fees for starters or leavers during the year, no year-end fees, no hidden charges
  • A dedicated payroll manager for every client
  • Registered as an Agent with HMRC
  • Able to file a variety of PAYE forms and returns
  • Receive HMRC notifications over the internet

To find out more of the benefits and what the Payroll Bureau can do for you click here or call Wendy Shaw on 01282 433740 to discuss your payroll needs.