ESOL Classes

Both ESOL classes celebrated the last day of class before the Christmas holidays

For the last class of the year, two classes merged today in the big room. We had 2 speakers talking about their reflections of moving to England after leaving Syria and how they have found the ESOL classes. The speakers were Ousama from year 2 and Manal from year 1. We were pleased to have Bob, Lucy and Allison from Calico and BPRCVS too. 

We also had Mr Majid Iqbal, Area Manager of Best Practice, who provide training in the commnunity. They had contacted about some progression classes so we took the liberty of inviting him to meet some of the students who may benefit from his organisation.

Traditional Syrian food was made and shared with everyone present. There was even traditional Syrian music too.

Over the last few weeks the Syrian refugees have been working hard in preparation of their upcoming exams - all passed their exams.

ESOL classes resume on Monday 7th January 2019.