The CVS 12 Days Of Christmas

A unique Christmas campaign making important information available

This Christmas, BPRCVS are running a campaign called The CVS 12 Days of Christmas. It is a play on the famous Christmas song - 12 Days of Christmas that we all know so well!

Every weekday from the 6th December 2018 to the 21st December 2018 BPRCVS will be releasing important information for the people and communities of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale. This campaign will put all of the most important information that people often need over the festive period in one easy to access location.

Have you ever struggled to find information about which pharmacies are open over Christmas and New Year? Needed to report an emergency, but didn't know where to look for a contact number? Have you ever spent hours looking for the opening times of supermarkets during the festive season? Do you need to speak to your local council over Christmas? Have you ever had difficulty finding bus and train times around Christmas? 

Well not this year... The CVS 12 Days of Christmas will put all this information and so much more right in front of you on one single website. No more Googling and browsing for hours this Christmas and New Year apart from maybe to spend any money Father Christmas gave you! No more ringing and ringing an organisation without getting an answer because you don't know that they're closed. No more turning up somewhere hoping it's open because you couldn't find the opening times.

Visit daily from the 6th December 2018 to access this information. You will be able to access it by clicking on the banner on the home page of this website. Share it with friends and family, colleagues and anybody you think would benefit.