Half Term Trip

Syrian families treated to a trip to Manchester

On October 24th 2018 BPRCVS arranged a half term trip for both cohorts of Syrian families for a day out in Manchester. This is what we call an enrichment visit where the families have the opportunity to put into practice the English they've learned, but also take in some of the culture of the UK.

Our first stop was at the Manchester Art Gallery. The families enjoyed viewing all of the art, asked a lot of questions, and were particularly interested in the artwork by local Manchester artist L.S. Lowry.

Later in the day we all walked down to Piccadilly Gardens where the children could take a break and enjoy splashing around in the water fountains. There we also had a discussion about Queen Victoria, as a statue of her is located in the vicinity. 

From there we showed the families how to get to Rusholme from the city centre. We toured the area and visited a local pizza restaurant owned by a Syrian family currently living in Manchester. To end the day, the families made some purchases at a Syrian sweet shop and the shop owners were very gracious in letting us try a lot of delicious dessert samples. 

The families are very dedicated to attending their ESOL classes in Burnley and this trip was a lovely reward for them for all of the hard work they have achieved and all of the volunteering they have done in the community in the last year and it was a great way to also introduce the new families to the UK.