A Message Of Thanks

A message from our retired Chairman

Dear Christine, the Staff and Volunteers of the CVS,

In many ways, three years has flown by, and little did I imagine that, in the Autumn of 2015, the organisation would achieve so much in the ensuing years.  But it has and is now well and truly on the map and this is in no small measure due to your never-ending efficiency very much supported by your dedicated team.   It has been a pleasure to work with you, the Staff and Volunteers.

Thank you so much for the lovely autumnal flowers and little note.  It was such a surprise and very much appreciated.  They are currently brightening up the sitting room which still has a semblance of order and is the only place not completely occupied by piles of packed boxes!

I will miss our contact, but as we all know doors close and others open and I rather think there willl be further opportunities for me just over the horizon, not least in the art world plans of which are already on the drawing board.  Nevertheless, I am glad to be able to continue my contact with CVS for another 3 years, so look forward to being involved in the continued success of this organisation.

Thank you for everything and I wish you, the Staff and Volunteers every success as you move forward.

All best wishes,

Susan Hughes MBE, JP, DL