BPRCVS Supports Asperger's Sufferer Into Work

A Strengthening Communities – Volunteering in Lancashire case study

GD has Asperger's and suffers with panic attacks and depression. She has never worked due to her illness and lives on her own in supported accommodation, but does get a lot of support from her mum.

BPRCVS met with GD and discussed the different roles that might be of interest to her. She didn’t want a very supportive role. She is very good with people, but didn’t want to commit due to her illness as she has good spells and bad spells. GD was interested in supporting our Community Connector Coordinator in our office in Bacup with admin duties.

We introduced her to our staff in Bacup and explained about the scheme and what sort of role she could be doing which included general admin and sourcing activities in the local area. GD was happy with this and started volunteering every Friday morning. We also spent some time with her showing her how to search for volunteering opportunities on the Do-it website for people who dropped in.

GD supported a lady with learning disabilities who regularly dropped in with craft sessions. This helped her to feel useful and also helped with the social side of her anxiety. GD also supported us with keeping our BPRCVS Facebook page up to date. 

We discussed training opportunities with GD and signed her up to a Deaf Awareness Session with Access Ability. Unfortunately she had to cancel as she was having a bad spell at the time. GD didn’t volunteer for a few weeks over Christmas. It is always a bad time for her and her depression flares up. She started feeling better mid-January so went back to volunteering at our Bacup office. She wanted to do more volunteering. As she loves animals we suggested trying Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary. GD went for an interview at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary for volunteering in admin. They offered her the role and she started volunteering with them on 29th January 2018.

GD again had a dip mid-May. She decided to stop volunteering for the Community Connectors, but carried on with Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary.

In August a part-time admin job vacancy came up at the animal sanctuary. GD was really keen in applying, but wasn’t sure whether to put in an application as she wasn’t sure if she could hold down a job due to her illness. I suggested it would be a good idea to put one in and make the decision if she got offered the job.  BPRCVS offered help with the application form, but GD said her mum would help her. An application was submitted.

GD got an interview with Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary and got offered the job. She was really happy, but concerned. She hasn’t worked before. They knew about her issues and suggested that she have a 2 week trial before she accepted it. GD did the trial during two weeks of September and really enjoyed it. The animal sanctuary were really pleased with her and offered her a permanent position.

This is a fantastic opportunity for GD to try and lead a more normal life and she is more than willing to give it a go and try and manage her health issues. She also has a boyfriend now and is trying to go out more to new places.

Here's what GD had to say:

“The support I have received has been very helpful and supportive.”

“I never thought getting a job would be possible due to my health issues.”

 “I am thrilled to bits to have been given the opportunity.”

“Volunteering can definitely help you to move forward.”


The Strengthening Communities – Volunteering in Lancashire project aims to boost access to volunteering across Lancashire engaging the most disadvantaged individuals who are removed from the labour market and who would not otherwise participate in such activities. It will provide them with realistic pathways to employment through mentoring, accredited and non-accredited training and access to volunteer placements in the voluntary and community, public and private sectors.

For more details visit the Strengthening Communities – Volunteering in Lancashire page of our website.

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