BPRCVS Group Transport

The minibus is ready!

BPRCVS Group Transport will now be available for bookings from Monday 8th October 2018. 

If you are a community group, a charity, or club, we can offer you our accessible minibus with our fully trained driver to attend events ranging from lunch clubs to days out or trips organised by another charity.

The ability to book the minibus is dependent upon the availability of our fully trained volunteer drivers. If our drivers are unavailable and you're able to provide your own driver then you can still book the minibus. Contact Sue Cole using the details below for the full terms and conditions of providing your own driver to operate the minibus.

The BPRCVS minibus has a capacity of 15 persons and also has a wheelchair accessibility lift at the rear of the vehicle. Please note that wheelchairs will reduce the capacity. 



BPRCVS Group Transport is a non-profit scheme and our charges reflect that. We only ask for a contribution to cover our operating costs making it even more affordable for you to use.


Contribution To Costs

CVS Members


£50 per half day (8am – 12noon/1pm - 5pm)

£62 per half day (8am – 12 noon/1pm - 5pm)

£100 per full day (8am – 5pm)

£124 per full day (8am – 5pm)

All rates and fuel at cost. Costs are calculated on a Full Cost Recovery Model.



Contact BPRCVS Group Transport on 01282 433740/412096 to arrange your booking.