Jenny Cocker

BPRCVS Jenny Cocker

Young Carers Senior Worker


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01282 433740 Ext. 1022

Usually available Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm




Hi I’m Jenny Cocker the Young Carers Senior Worker here at BPRCVS. My role is to manage the young carers project and also to complete referrals for new young carers and provide 1-1 support. I also attend meetings on behalf of the young carers such as Child Protection and Child in Need meetings.

My background is in Business, in particular insurance, product development and purchasing and accounts. I felt that I needed a career where helping people was at the heart of it. I resigned from my job in products and purchasing and set off to South America. I travelled around Peru and Ecuador, stopping along the way to help at volunteer projects such as conversation projects and helping in rural schools. I absolutely loved my time out there and carried on my volunteer roles on my return to the UK, which then led to my role at BPRCVS. 

In my spare time I spend most of it eating out with friends or with my horse out in the countryside.