Gannow Big Local Community Event Fund

Up to £500 available for community events

Gannow Big Local Community Event Fund

The Gannow Big Local Community Event Fund is specifically for groups and organisations that are running a community event that aims improve the social integration of Gannow Big Local residents.

The fund is open to all groups and organisations whose application will directly benefit the people of Gannow.

Each group or organisation can submit and application for a grant of up to £500 towards a community event. Gannow Big Local only permit one application per group or organisation each year.


Download the Gannow Big Local Community Event Fund guidance notes

Download the Gannow Big Local Community Event Fund application form


All groups and organisations with successful applications must agree to undertake consultation with attendees. Groups and organisations will have to specify how their community event will provide feedback from local Gannow residents. The Gannow Big Local Partnership is looking to identify local needs and existing benefits.

Gannow Big Local

The Gannow Big Local project wants to encourage residents to have a real say about their community and use consultation practices to determine which activities and services could be provided for the benefit of the people of Gannow. This could include, but is not limited to:

Activities and projects benefiting all age groups and sections of the community

New opportunities for residents to improve their knowledge and skills

Access to training, job skills and small business ideas

Support, groups, activities and advice which tackle social issues within Gannow