Sign The Petition

Sign The Petition

Support the VCF sector and demand more in these challenging times

If you attended the very first BPRCVS Conference earlier this summer at the beginning of June you will have noticed in your delegate pack an A4 sheet explaining our intentions to create a petition on the back of the information gathered at the conference. Well we promised... and we delivered!

Whether you came to the conference or not please sign the petition here: 

The conference focused on 'Why?' and explored a range of 'Why?' questions. The information gathered at the conference was second to none and was a genuine reflection of the state of the sector from those who know it the most, you the people at grassroots levels and working on the ground with end-users, clients and members of our local communities.

A common thread appeared in the feedback we received from the attending delegates which was the significant budget and resource cuts are making it ever-more challenging to fulfil the ever-increasing demand and as such many more projects and services may have to cease operations.


If you agree with the following statement please click on the link and sign the petition:

In recent times many public services have faced significant budgetary and resource cuts and in some cases closure.

Small, local grassroots groups and organisations in the voluntary, community and faith sector are uniquely placed to meet the changing needs of communities and their people.

Without the appropriate resources and funding the VCF sector may not be able to fulfil the ever-increasing demand it now faces as a direct result of the external environment.


As with all petitions the more signatures we get the better. We will put this petition in front of council leaders, MPs, authority leaders, key decision makers and anybody who we feel should be influenced by this petition and is in a position to enact change.

So don't just sign the petition yourself. Please share it with colleagues, volunteers, past and current clients, friends and family. Show your support and sign up here: