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We are pleased to introduce our Big Local Plan for the first two years of our 10 year funding, developed by the Gannow Big Local Steering Group.  We are an un-constituted group of volunteers passionate about the area in which we live. Our group is enjoying working together to make the Gannow area a good place to live. We have absorbed ourselves in promoting the Big Local because we know that our involvement and actions will benefit Gannow and our team effort will help to get more people involved.  We are looking forward to passing on our enthusiasm to a new generation of residents and showing how positive a community working together can be.


Download the Gannow Big Local Winter 2017 Newsletter here

Download the free 2018 Gannow Big Local annual calendar here


Gannow Community Centre Grand Opening Video

Watch the video from the grand opening of Gannow Community Centre. Watch exclusive interviews and see for yourself how vibrant the centre is.



The Gannow Big Local Community Fund is now open! The community fund is open to all community groups for applications. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to groups and organisations that deliver activities and/or services within the Gannow community or would like to. This fund doesn't have a very strict criteria. The activities and services you deliver must take place within the Gannow Big Local region and at least half of the attendees must be representatives of the Gannow area.

The deadline for application submissions is the last Friday of every month by 12 noon. The fund will review applications on a monthly basis. Please contact Tracey Noon on 01282 433740 Ext. 1007 to discuss anything about the fund or the application process. Application must be submitted to Tracey Noon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the deadline each month.

Download the Gannow Big Local Community Fund Application Form here.

Download the application guidance notes here.


Deadlines for Gannow Big Local Community Fund application submissions are as follows:

Friday 26th May 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 23rd June 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 28th July 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 25th August 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 22nd September 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 27th October 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 24th November 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 29th December 2017 - 12 Noon

Friday 26th January 2018 - 12 Noon


Gannow Big Local Updates



The Steering Group are continuing to work with partners in the community, especially the primary school and nursery.

Whittlefield Primary School applied for a Community Asset Development award and received some funding to help them build their Diamond/Nurture Room.

BPRCVS also applied for a Community Asset Development award and received funding to update the front door and the heaters at Gannow Community Centre.



The Grand Opening took place on 9th August with Lord Shuttleworth and Bertie Bee doing the official opening.

Creative consultation has been carried out and residents came up with lots of ideas for activities at Gannow Community Centre.  This has been collated and the Steering Group are working on delivering some of the activities requested.

The Youth Café was open for business during the school holidays and the children had a great time.  An artist was in residence and the children built a raft for display at the Canal Festival.



Pendleside Hospice applied for some Community Event funding for their Funky Jumble to be held in October at Gannow Community Centre.

The Outreach Worker has help Woodbine Gardens Residents in their quest for entertainment throughout the year.

The Calendar Competition for the GBL 2018 Calendar was in full swing in September with entries from Whittlefield and Ightenhill Primaries and Ightenhill Nursery.

The Autumn Newsletter was distributed to all the homes in the GBL area.


Plans for the next 3 months include:

  • Promoting the Community Fund
  • Identifying gaps in services and having conversations about how GBL can help to fill those gaps
  • Preparing for the Winter Newsletter
  • Preparing the GBL Calendar 2018



The Gannow Big Local Strategic Plan

This strategic plan brings together three important documents:


The Vision - sets out the aims of the Gannow Big Local Steering Committee.

The Profile - provides an illustration of the area, and

The Action Plan - sets out the priorities for the first two years of intervention.


To download our 2017 - 2019 Plan click here


The Strategic Plan has been developed and agreed by the Gannow Big Local Steering Committee and presented here by its officers.

The work is the result of a two year development process that started with the identification of Gannow as a recipient ward for the £1M Big Local funding in 2012 and culminates in this shared vision for our area up until 2016. Big Local is a 10 year funding programme so this plan will be reviewed annually to ensure that our priorities continue to reflect the needs of the area as new opinions come through. 

Since receiving notification of our Big Local status in February 2012 we have been discovering what Gannow wants through consultation with our fellow residents.  Discovering what people love about Gannow and what will make a difference to the area has taken many shapes and we are still learning; teasing out ideas, small business opportunities, passing on information and encouraging residents to get more involved with us. We know this is very important in the early years of our funding in order to guarantee the success and sustainability of Big Local work so we will hold more Big Local events and offer support for the community to get involved in our activities. 

Gannow Big Local is an evolving project, but we have to start somewhere. Based on the responses we have had from our community at this stage in the Big Local journey and taking into consideration how we have developed as a Steering Group we propose an initial two year plan. This will address some key priorities raised by Gannow residents, it will show through achievable activities that we are in the business of doing, not just saying, and ultimately it will strengthen and develop our Big Local Partnership.  We want Gannow to thrive and through our actions we want to inspire a future generation of community involvement. 

We are passionate about our area and want to see immediate change but we also have a responsibility to ourselves and to our fellow residents to be realistic as well as aspirational. We think it is important to have some good early success stories under our belt so that the whole community can see that we are all in it together! So we have looked carefully at our Vision and the priorities for Gannow residents and we have devised a plan that will help us achieve them.  

We recognise that we have benefitted from the support and knowledge of our LTO, Burnley Pendle and Rossendale CVS and the ‘on the ground’ support and activities of our outreach worker.  We want this support to continue with a review at the end of year one.  This will ensure that we continue to build capacity and skills as a Steering Group and we keep Gannow residents involved and excited about our activities with the help of a person they have got to know over the past year, in addition to delivering our plan.